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Since 1988, I have been involved with different organization that have been dedicated in empowering youth, and their families to achieve brighter tomorrows. Our mission with our organization is to end youth violence by changing individual, institutional, and societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate youth violence. To achieve this we will work diligently  with our youth, and their families empowering them to make their own decisions through the process and challenges that confronts our youth, helping them to  envision a positive course for a rewarding future characterized by achievement, independent thought, and social responsibility through education, mentoring and tutoring. Our focus is on early Prevention, Diversion, and Intervention services to help  redirect the negative behavior of our youth, in a positive leadership-engendering manner before it is too late for them and us, utilizing proactive character-building techniques combined with a structured, disciplined environment, adding value, meaning, and accountability to the lives of those who participate, we also support our youth in cultural, educational, financial  and social community activities, and most types of community-building initiative. We share a passion to provide a comprehensive and innovative program that serve at-risk youth and their families to insure that every child and family has the opportunity for a healthy start to a brighter future. We are dedicated in preventing violence through advocacy, education, mentoring and supporting youth and their families.

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Year 2014 moments

2014 is behind us now, we enter into 2015 with the goal to reach 200 families in Monterey County with the good news of a brighter tomorrow. Every child deserves the chance of living a life worthy of their dreams and expectations. 


With enlightenment comes the realization that the natural foe to our life is not a distant death, but a detachment from our now living. Reality is only here, now, and we must learn to face it, feel it, and form it. The present is all there is . Motivation, and life itself, cannot be sensed separate from Now. Without bringing our full consciousness to the moment, we became slave to impulse or tired inclination, subservient to our base conditioning that tends to lean toward ease and fear rather than growth and freedom. From this space of disengagement emerges all that we disdain: the barely present parents, the halfhearted freindships, the unfocused student, the absent leaders.

We depend on help from our caring neighbors. Get involved let's improve the health of our youth and our neighborhoods, support us: every step brings us a little closer to having a violence free community.

Find out how you can support us or get involved now.

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Our non-profit organization welcomes your support. If you would like to help out, please go to our Project Tab. Search our list of needs and contact us, every need is important to the success of our youth.


Youth Without Limits

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Check out our Events page.

We post all events, future, present and past. To find out what events we will be organizing in the near future and how you can help our youth get involved and be active in thier community, please contact us, we also post those events we have already completed.


We would like to Thank all our volunteers for their support in helping our youth reach higher heights in there life's.

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Hello folks our dinner was outstanding, we had a great group of people show up to support our efforts. The youth did a great job serving those in attendance, over all it was awesome. Our next event will be in May for Mother Day. Please be on the lookout for the announcement, all we do is too help our youth reach their dreams.


Thank You so much from the youth of Youth Without Limits.


Now we can't wait to get to know all those who wanted to get involved to better our youth during our upcoming projects. 1 by 1 we serve them for a brighter tomorrow, join us in that quest.

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